Swish Video3 v3.5 Build 2009.09.30a Portable

SWiSH Video3 - Powerful Video to Flash Conversion. SWiSH Video3 gives you Complete Control over Creation of Flash Video Content, Import AVI, QuickTime, MPEG or Windows Media videos, Export to Flash MX Video and High Quality Flash 8 Video with Chroma-key Transparency, Skinnable Custom Player Controls that can be Created with any Flash Authoring Tool, Add Overlays to Brand all your Flash Videos with a Linked Watermark, Use Chroma-key Transparency to Overlay other Videos and Images, Compose your own Subtitles or Import Industry Standard Files, Use Events to Synchronize with events in your Flash movies
Batch Processing to convert Multiple Video Files Automatically, Adjust Video Compression and Quality, Deblocking, Smoothing and Keyframe Intervals, Use original Audio or choose Compression Format, Frequency, and Bitrate, Set Relative Or Absolute Paths, Set Different Targets For Different Files Types
Export Highest Quality Flash Output (H264 & AAC) When Used With VideoHQ.

SWiSH Video3 gives you complete control over the creation of Flash video content.
Easily adjust your video's compression level with the quality slider.
Set key frame intervals.
Set whether to use deblocking and smoothing and the frame rate divider.

Audio Settings
Choose whether to include your video's original audio in your Flash video.
Choose whether to set audio to mono or force a frequency.
Set your audio's exports compression format and bit rate.

Add Events
Events mark the SWF and FLV, letting you sync other events in your Flash movies
Easily add, edit or delete any number of Events.
Fine tune the precise time your events will occur during you video.

Add Overlays
Add an overlay to brand all your Flash videos with a linked watermark.
Import any GIF or PNG image to use for your overlay.
Select the position in your video for the overlay to appear.

Batch Processing
Convert multiple video files at once.
Specify common conversion settings.

Import Player Controls
Create your own custom player controls in any Flash authoring tool.
Detailed instructions on how to import custom controls into SWiSH Video3.
Includes a collection of professionally designed player controls.

Import & Output Options
Import your AVI, QuickTime, MPEG or Windows Media videos into SWiSH Video3.
Trim the video, select the border, background colour and scale.
Export in MX Video, or Flash8 with chroma-key transparency.

Add Subtitles
Compose your own subtitles or import industry standard files.
Player controls include built in tabs for the user to control the subtitle display.

Highest Quality Flash Video
VideoHQ enables the highest quality output for SWiSH Video3.
Highest quality Flash 9+ video (H264) and audio (AAC) give the best possible export quality.
H264 and AAC is licenced technology. VideoHQ is sold separately to cover the demands of the licensing fees.

Flexible Filenaming
Set relative or absolute paths to suit the needs of your web site.
Build 2009.09.30a
* Fix: bad var files

Size: 10.2 MB

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