Driver Checker v2.7.5 Portable

Develop for Professional Driver Updates Simple, Clear, Automatic & Focused on Results
The bottom line is that the device drivers need attention in order to keep them working properly. Otherwise they may become a drag, or even worse on the computer. Blue screen, hardware crash, missing drivers, and other problems can be avoided by fixing broken drivers.

Why do we have to update drivers?
Update (outdated/broken) drivers means: Reduce driver errors to a minimum,fast repair more than 98% drivers & update all your drivers to the latest versions.

Reduce driver errors to a minimum
Drivers may relate to small software programs and share the same files. If any of the files is damaged which results in corrupted and outdated drivers, errors will occur on your computer endlessly. Your system will also generate a driver error message when the computer enters standby or hibernate mode.

Fast repair more than 98% drivers
After you have used your machine for a long time, you will face the fact that you have to fix parts of it from time to time. Periodically, the device manufacturers will release new drivers to fix device bugs and to optimize the device. By updating your device drivers, you are able to enjoy the best computer performance.

Update all your drivers to the latest versions
After Microsoft released an operating system update, the driver may not be a perfect fit between the OS and the hardware. The latest drivers can lower the probability of errors to boost your PC efficiency and to give your game play a maximum performance. Streamlined updating process will ensure you are free of download and installation troubles. 

How can Driver Checker update PC drivers to avoid a time-consuming way?
More effective than the driver updates that come with Windows.
Fast navigate to drivers & remove them with clear instructions, which is easier than Device Manager.
Expert on analysis of any corrupt driver stuck on PC.
Ease of use and user-friendly interface.
Provide different ways of application download style: batch-by-batch, one-by-one.
Fully tested on Windows 7, 2000, 2003, XP and Vista. Support both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
Show details of currently installed drivers.
High speed driver downloads after a free scan to every device.
Instant access to 1,553,638+ specific driver update files.
Advanced Diagnostics Technology helps you find devices not working properly and efficiently.
Driver Checker updates and fixes all your drivers automatically.
Safe to use, secure and trusted device drivers from the original manufacturers.
Driver Checker is guaranteed to detect 100% of your system devices. No device will be missed by using its perfect scan.
Immediate and unlimited technical support from our 24x7 technicians to all your driver problems.

Supported OS: 
Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit version systems)

Minimum Requirements:
64 MB RAM (128 MB RAM or higher is suggested);8 MB hard drive space;Additional hard disk space for driver downloads and backups.

Size: 11.4 MB

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