HEdit v3.2 Portable

Yuri Software HEdit 3.2 is a hexadecimal editor for binary files. It allows you to view and modify the contents of any file in either text or binary mode.

Yuri Software HEdit 3.2 offers a rich set of features:
* Overwrite, insert, or delete bytes in the file.
* Jump to any offset within the file.
* Search for data patterns.
* Search and replace.
* Support for files >2 GB in size. Files of any size open instantaneously.
* EBCDIC character display.
* Integer and floating point numeric displays in little and big endians.
* Print hex views of files or selections.
* New in version 3.2 -- works with 32- and 64-bit shells of Windows 7 and Vista.

Size: 850 KB

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