River Past Audio Converter Pro v7.7.16 Portable

River Past Audio Converter is River Past's award winning audio converter and extractor.
Convert from almost any audio format to WAV, MP3, WMA, or audio-only AVI. We support a variety of input formats, including the standard WAV, MP3, WMA, AIFF, RealAudio, and the not-so-standard OGG, AIFF, and Unix Audio.
Extract audio from the standard AVI, ASF, WMV, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, RealMedia, and the not-so-standard QuickTime MOV and MPEG-4.
If the file format exists, we probably support it.

Audio Converter Features
Input Formats

River Past Audio Converter
* 3GPP2 Mobile Video - 3GPP2 Mobile Video(*.3g2, *.3gp2, *.3gpp)
* 3GP Mobile Video - 3GP Mobile Video(*.3g, *.3gp, *.3gpp, *.k3g)
* Advanced Audio Coding - Advanced Audio Coding(*.aac, *.aacp)
* Dolby Digital AC-3 Audio - Dolby Digital AC-3 Audio(*.ac3)
* AIFF/AIFC Apple Audio - AIFF/AIFC Apple Audio(*.aif, *.aifc, *.ief)
* Adaptive Multi-Rate - Adaptive Multi-Rate(*.amr)
* Monkey Audio - Monkey Audio(*.ape)
* Advanced Streaming Format - Advanced Streaming Format(*.asf)
* UNIX Audio - UNIX Audio(*.au)
* Audio Video Interleaved - Audio Video Interleaved(*.avi)
* DivX Video - DivX Video(*.divx)
* Digital Video Cassette - Digital Video Cassette(*.dv)
* Digital Versatile Disk - Digital Versatile Disk(*.vob)
* HD-DVD and BlueRay Enhanced VOB - HD-DVD and BlueRay Enhanced VOB(*.evob)
* Free Lossless Audio Codec - Free Lossless Audio Codec(*.flc)
* Flash Video - Flash Video(*.flv)
* High Definition Video - High Definition Video(*.tp, *.ts)
* MPEG-4 Audio - MPEG-4 Audio(*.m4a, *.mp4)
* Matroska Video - Matroska Video(*.mkv)
* QuickTime Movie - QuickTime Movie(*.mov, *.qt)
* MPEG Layer-3 - MPEG Layer-3(*.mp3)
* MPEG-4 Video - MPEG-4 Video(*.m4v, *.mp4)
* MPEG Audio - MPEG Audio(*.mp2, *.mpa)
* Musepack - Musepack(*.mpc)
* MPEG-1 Video - MPEG-1 Video(*.mpg)
* MPEG-2 Video - MPEG-2 Video(*.mpg)
* OptimFROG Audio - OptimFROG Audio(*.ofr)
* OGG Vorbis Audio - OGG Vorbis Audio
* OGG Media - OGG Media(*.ogm)
* Hauppauge Video Recording - Hauppauge Video Recording(*.pva)
* RealAudio - RealAudio(*.ra)
* RealMedia - RealMedia(*.rm)
* Sound Designer 2 - Sound Designer 2(*.sd2)
* Shorten Audio - Shorten Audio(*.shn)
* Unix Sound - Unix Sound(*.snd)
* Super VCD - Super VCD(*.dat)
* The True Audio codec - The True Audio codec(*.tta)
* VideoCD 2.0 - VideoCD 2.0(*.dat)
* DVD Media File - DVD Media File(*.vob)
* Waveform - Waveform(*.wav)
* Windows Media Audio - Windows Media Audio
* Windows Media Video - Windows Media Video(*.wmv)
* XVID Video - XVID Video(*.xvid)
* Apple Lossless - Apple Lossless(*.alac)
* Digital Theater System - Digital Theater System(*.dts)
* Microsoft Digital Video Recordin - Microsoft Digital Video Recordin(*.dvr-ms)
* MythTV - MythTV(*.nuv)
* DVD-Recording - DVD-Recording(*.vro)
* WavPack - WavPack(*.wv)

Codec Control
With WAV, MP3, and audio-only AVI output, you have the full control over sample rate, channel, resolution (8-bit or 16-bit), and bitrate.

With WMA output, you have the choice of many pre-defined profiles, targeted at different usages.

Batch Conversion
River Past Audio Converter is a batch converter. You can add a list of files, set the output format, and let it run. A well organized progress dialog will predict how long it takes to convert all the files, so you can do something else and come back when it finishes.

Size: 24 MB

1- Quick Time Alternative 2.9.2 Included
2- Enjot!

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